Make your own soda and save space and money

Not enough room on board to carry a large variety of sodas? Don't feel like carrying hundreds of cans of soda to your boat during provisioning? Save money, space and your back, and get huge variety by making it yourself with this handy gadget!

Just fill the included reusable carbonating bottle with water, add the flavoring of your choice, screw it into the machine and press the large button on top to add fizz. When the bottle is empty simply rinse it and use it again - no trash to store. Oh, and if that wasn't enough... it doesn't use any electricity! 


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Sarah said...

We have a soda stream on board and can highly recommend it! We think the cola is much nicer than coke and some of the other flavours are great too. It's not a large system so doesn't take up much space in the galley and the concentrate bottles are compact and cheaper than coke. It's win win all round. We wouldn't go cruising without it.